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Philadelphia School District’s Budget Deficit Filled!

It’s good news for the Philadelphia School District but not good news for smokers. Legislation has passed, which will impose a sales tax on cigarettes to help fill the public school’s budget deficit. Without the money, they say schools won’t be fit to open in the fall.

HURRICANE WARNING: Hurricane Arthur Might Ruin Your 4th!

Tropical Storm Arthur is now Hurricane Arthur and could put a damper on your 4th of July weekend if you live on the East Coast! Keep an eye on Hurricane Arthur this weekend!

AIR TRAVEL: Homeland Security Orders Tighter Security Overseas

Homeland Security is tightening up security at overseas airports with directs flights to the U.S. However, no specifics have been offered as to why increased security efforts are needed.

Essence Music Festival Kicks Off!

Essence celebrates 20 years of African-American music and culture at the annual

Essence Music Festival, which kicks off today in New Orleans.

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