Check out this great show on Philadelphia’s newly passed cigarette tax and other state legislation featuring special guest PA State Representative, Jordan Harris, 186th Dist. Listeners…

Finally, some good news the children, parents, faculty and more! Today the House voted 114 to 84 to and approved the $2-a-pack cigarette tax bill, which will help fund Philadelphia’s public schools! Read more at “Like” me on Facebook at or follow me on Twitter @cecemcghee. Plus, sign up for your Daily Faith […]

Weather: Today: Sunny High: 75 Approval Of The Cigarette Tax Is Still Up In The Air! We’ll either know today or Monday whether or not the state house will approve the big cigarette tax to help fund Philly’s public schools! Teachers Carrying Guns In Schools? Meanwhile, the PA senate is considering a bill that would allow […]

Philadelphia School District’s Budget Deficit Filled! It’s good news for the Philadelphia School District but not good news for smokers. Legislation has passed, which will impose a sales tax on cigarettes to help fill the public school’s budget deficit. Without the money, they say schools won’t be fit to open in the fall. HURRICANE WARNING: Hurricane […]

Mayor Nutter Asks Again For A Cigarette Tax To Help Fund Philly Schools! The saying goes, “If first you don’t succeed, then try again.” This is exactly what Mayor Michael Nutter will do in Harrisburg, as he asks once again for a Philadelphia specific-cigarette tax to help the Philadelphia School District get out of the […]