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Sarah Jakes

*To say Sarah Jakes knows a thing or two about redemption is an understatement.

The daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes survived as a teen mom as well as moved forward past divorcing her husband, ex-NFL player Robert Henson in 2012 after four years of marriage.  Ms. Jakes’ struggle to rebound and find God again after these personal setbacks is detailed in her new memoir, “Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life.” For Jakes, her experience is a testament to God’s love and guidance amid hard times.

The author recently sat down with The Christian Post to address her new book as well as how to reach young people who struggling with faith, the church and their own personal detours in life.

CP: You mention in “Lost and Found” that everyone has to go through “a process,” that transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Can you elaborate?

Jakes: I think we all have this idea and this image of who we want to be in our minds. But we realize we’re so far from that person that it makes us give up completely. But I believe that it really starts with baby steps. It took a long time for me to embrace that. I wanted to recover so quickly from my pregnancy that I missed out on the process of really healing the right way. So I believe that when we break that dream down into baby steps, into “faith without works is dead,” and [are] really determined to do the work, that we’ll look up and one day our lives [will] have been transformed. But it’ll never start if we don’t begin.

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