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COGIC Dating

The Church Of God In Christ has gotten into the dating game with their new dating website “”.  COGIC is professing to have the magic potion for finding true love or computer love!  How is their christian dating philosophy different from other christian dating sites?  Does COGIC live by a different code or creed when it comes to finding love and marriage?

After taking a stroll through the website, I found their philosophies, principles and advice are the same as other christian dating sites.  And I quote; “having a relationship with God before you get into a relationship with someone else will lead you to the road of true love”.  Sounds familiar?  Absolutely!  When will ALL people realize there is no magic formula for love, marriage or a baby carriage!  These blessing are gifts from God and love doesn’t come on a certain holiday or weekday, it comes when God say!

Kay Karmell “The Church Lady”



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