Courtesy of 6 ABC Dot Com

It’s a typical Saturday afternoon and your at the mall looking for parking.  You circle around a couple times until you actually find a space to put your car.  Once you get out of the car, you have been confronted by two people that claim that you have stolen their parking space and an altercation ensues.  The people that start the altercation begin to hit you and one eventually bites down on your finger.  Smh!  This is the scenario that happened to a Ms. Tonya Knight-Joseph.  She came from dropping a friend off at one side of the Cherry Hill Mall, when she began to look for parking and was assaulted by two women that claimed she stole their parking space.  The authorities are looking for the women now.  If you have any info please contact the police.  For the full video, check it out below courtesy of 6ABC Dot Com.