Courtesy of 6 ABC Dot Com Jean sales are a billion dollar industry.  They come in all types of shapes, sizes and designs.  Some are stone washed and some are ripped.  This is the point of the story where the jeans become very expensive.  The process of ripping jeans have a new technique, give them to […]

Courtesy of 6 ABC Dot Com An Camden charter school is taking excellence to a whole new level as they have just celebrated a 100 percent graduation rate and 100 percent college attendance for the 10th year in a row!!!  The name of the school is LEAP Academy University Charter School in Camden.  Camden, which […]

Courtesy of 6ABC Dot Com 17 year old high school senior has done the ultimate for higher learning and has been accepted to all Ivy League colleges in the U.S.  The student is Kwasi Enin from New York and he has been accepted to the 8 Ivy League colleges, which are listed as: University of […]

Courtesy of 6 ABC Dot Com It’s a typical Saturday afternoon and your at the mall looking for parking.  You circle around a couple times until you actually find a space to put your car.  Once you get out of the car, you have been confronted by two people that claim that you have stolen […]