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For many naturals straightening their hair is a big no-no. Putting heat on your hair can cause damage, but there’s no harm in doing it on occasion – if you do it right.

While some naturalistas prefer getting their hair professionally straightened, doing it on your own is always good too. Follow these few tips to get a new, straight look without the damage!

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Straighten on clean hair

I would suggest never attempt to straighten on dirty hair. It will cause build up and make your hair extremely stringy and greasy. After washing hair thoroughly, move on to the blow dry and flat iron process.

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Blow dry hair after it has dried at least 50%

Hair is weakest when wet. Using blow dryers on soaking wet hair will lead to more breakage than usual. Instead, after washing put hair in large twist and let it get at least half way dry. If it dries completely, use a spray bottle to mist your hair so that’s it’s manageable.

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Blow dry and flat iron in sections

Straighten your hair in small sections. Start with four sections and then straighten smaller sections with the initial four. This will help you get better results and prevent having to run heat repeatedly through your hair to get it straight. You should not run a flat iron on the same piece of hair more than twice.

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Use a heat protectant

Be sure to use a heat protectant before adding any heat to your hair. If you don’t want to buy one, you can use a light oil like avocado or grapeseed oil as a protectant.

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Use low heat

Hair burns slightly over 450 degrees. That means you don’t want your flat iron setting to be anywhere near that number. It depends on the texture of your how much heat your hair can truly tolerate. No matter how thick, I don’t suggest going past 350 degrees.

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