Black Twitter responded to the unveiling of Hank Willis Thomas' sculpture of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King in Boston. The post Black Twitter’s Response To ‘The Embrace’ Sculpture Of MLK And Coretta Scott King, Explained appeared first on NewsOne.

Kevin Gough, the attorney representing William “Roddie” Bryan, one of the three white men accused of hunting down and killing Ahmaud Arbery, stood up in court and declared before a judge that “We don’t want any more Black pastors here," in response to Al Sharpton being allowed to sit with Arbery's family.

Civil rights icon Rev. Jesse Jackson visited Howard University's campus to offer words of encouragement and support for students who for weeks have been protesting living conditions on campus in addition to several administrative policies. #BlackburnTakeover

After Jelani Day’s body had been identified, his mother, Carmen Bolden Day, was not immediately allowed to view the body, which she discovered was missing virtually all its organs after a second autopsy was performed at the family’s request.

Brenda Mallory, the first Black chair of the Council on Environmental Quality, says new guidance for the Justice40 Initiative gives federal agencies a framework for ensuring historically underinvested communities receive at least 40% of the benefits from climate change and clean energy projects.

Edward Cagney Mathews was finally arrested for harassing his neighbor and calling him the N-word on video, but there was no hate crime charge and the apparent white supremacist's close association with police in New Jersey is being questioned.

Activists and some of Floyd's supporters feel reopening the street is premature because ongoing talks involving city officials have not yet come to a resolution on how to move forward.

Three months after the launch of the program, Black Evanston residents are dismayed with the process and want the program to be paused for revaluation.

Biden is also expected to visit the historic site and spend time with survivors and descendants.

As the world observes the anniversary of George Floyd's murder, NewsOne's parent company iOne Digital invited an assortment of Black male artists to discuss the social impact that the notorious police violence in Minneapolis.

The visit comes amidst another push for meaningful law enforcement reform as The George Floyd Justice In Policing Act stalls in the Senate.

Prosecutors dropped the charges against Juanisha Brooks, a Defense Department employee who who was forcibly removed from her car during a March 6 traffic stop in Alexandria, Virginia.