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Master Lawrence Whitaker and our good friends over at the Urban Defense Center stopped through the Praise 103.9 studio to give a little lesson on self defense and teach our listeners ways to avoid getting their purses snatched. The Urban Defense Center specializes in urban boxing, defense for women, knife & stick defense, gun defense plus more. Find out how to protect yourself below…

1. Change your mindset to change how you feel about yourself.

2. Wherever you go, walk with a purpose. Walk confidently!

3. Scan your area and look around before you start walking, especially when you are coming from or arriving at a location

4. You must be extra vigilant, especially when you are by yourself.

5. Know the area around your most frequently traveled routes. Know where the stores are open late, or where the police, fire stations, or hospitals are.

6. When you can, have you bag diagonally across your body.

7. Keep your purse on or near your person when at a restaurant or out in public. Do not place your purse on the back of your chair.

8.Don’t keep your car keys or your phone is your purse when you are walking somewhere.

9. Don’t carry important or irreplaceable items in your bag.

10. Know what you have in your wallet. Know your credit cards and have the credit card numbers recorded somewhere.

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