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Robin and PaulaRobin Thicke and Paula Patton Split!

OMG!!  Not Robin and Paula!  I feel like I’m a part of the breakup and have to choose sides.  My heart is breaking because they have been in love since they were teenagers.  I guess they’re thinking that’s all the more reason to take a break.  Does “forever”, “til death do us part” still exist?  Who gets full custody of Julian?  Who will move out and where is the new city?  I am totally in the midst of their love, life and separation!  Wow, what does that say for my life or yours?

Isn’t it amazing how deep we go into the lives of our favorite celebrities.  Just think about the amount of time we spend living vicariously through their lives.  We watch them on TV and the big screen, we read their biographies and all the latest gossips which keeps us abreast of their personal and celebrity lives.  We go trough all the emotions with them from being happy because they got married, had a baby or was nominated for an Oscar and sad when we find out they have a drug addiction, wasn’t even nominated for an Oscar and when they divorce.   Really?

Here’s a thought.  We all need to get a life!  I don’t know about you but I have enough going on in my own life and need to focus on my own career, relationship, goals and dreams.  But it’s hard not to get caught in the lives of the rich and famous!

Let’s keep Robin Thicke, Paula Patton, little Julian and their marriage in our prayers.

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