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Thaes are the thoughts of our Elements of Inspiration / Praise 103.9 Listeners.

1. SP: What kinda question….Me personally? I don’t believe I could. Why? Because that would mean he is not free n clear to be my husband. His obligation would be to his unborn child and the child’s mother!

2. Betty: I would have to talk with the man now A. was the person already pregnant before we met B. Did she get pregnant while we was together or C.It would be a lot of questions we would have to…

3. Anonymous: NO!! To Much Drama…………..

4. No…..why? Well I’m at a point in my Life that I have raised my Adult children and my focus is enjoying my Life without any extra baggage…Now if he aleady has children of course that is different but to have coming No I wouldn’t be interested. That’s just my choice but only God knows my plan.

5. Tasha: NO WAY!

6. Ebony: Depends on the situation. But prob not cuz An emotional connection may still be there & if not maybe it was a one night stand which says a lot about the man Or the woman may try to draw a wedge in between us. On the other hand if we’re getting married how long have we’ve known each other & when did he have time to impregnate someone.

7. Asia: No Because the child would need his attention..

8. Teresa: Nope

9. Pamela : No way

10. Miguel: Thats a tuff question but no i wouldnt due to the feelings and emotions that would come in the relationship. When did she get pregnant. was she cheating? There would be alot of reasons why i wouldnt…

11. Bella: No I wouldn’t marry someone who’s having a baby with someone else. The reason I wouldn’t is because I wouldn’t be sure if he were still in love with her or not. People tend to get emotional when a baby comes along, his feelings may change once the baby gets here.

12. Rick: Yes I would!! I can’t reverse the clock.. But if I love her enough to marry her, I’m willing to raise the child as my own.. However, if baby daddy is still in the pic, there could be some hesitation on my part.

13. Mack: Hmmmmm let’s see considering I’m a female #no but thinking with testosterone sure why not love is love

14. Lashea No; with that kind of bond that will form, there’s too much room for infidelity; if that person was good enough to lay down with and have unprotected sex with and make a baby with, that’s whom they need to be marrying. Give that child a chance at a real family; I would have to bow out….

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