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Today’s is the first day summer and parents we know that the cost of keeping kids busy for the summer is no joke! If you didn’t know, now you know! Have you ever really put a pen to it to see how much it costs for sun in the fun? First of all, this summer break thing from school wasn’t officially documenting until 1906! The average cost of summer fun, including childcare per child, is $1116! Where does this money go? Check below:

  • 72% Day trips (theme parks, sightseeing)
  • 45% sports
  • 38% educational opportunities
  • 35% Day camp
  • 33% pool membership
  • 28% childcare
  • 25% sleepover camp

And the average cost for a family vacation is $1180 per person. Add it all up and the total spent on summer activities for the kids across the country totals $16.6 billion.


Photo Credit: Praise-Atlanta

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