What memories do you have of your Father?

1. Bailey: He was a good man who did what he had to do for his children . Up until the day he died . I miss my Daddy.

2. Resto Have a wonderful, peaceful, joyful, happy, safe , bless ..enjoy . Have fun with your childrens safe out there bless ..Jesus #1 be encourage..god bless..happy bless father day

3 Johnson Miss Talking with him everyday on the phone,he lived in North Carolina,and I live in Delaware,but talked alot on the phone!! Til the Lord called him home last Dec.15th

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4. ( Unknown ) I remember that my father molested me when I was twelve and I was afraid of men for a long time. God lifted me up and showed me through a man of God what a real man looked like and I forgave my father on his deathbed and moved on with my life

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