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Although some “Married to Medicine” fans would advise against it, Mariah Huq said she takes full responsibility for the fight between her and co-star Toya Bush-Harris.

“I handled that situation poorly,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “I do think I should take all the responsibility for that because whether it’s me or my mom…, we could have walked away.”

Viewers of the show watched as Mariah and Toya’s disagreement turned physical. After hearing that Toya was spreading her personal business around, Mariah said she planned to avoid Toya during a birthday celebration they both attended. However, Toya approached Mariah, touching her hair, and complaining about Mariah’s mother. In the end, the ladies ended up rolling around on the ground pulling each other’s hair.

Though only 7 percent of users who voted in an online poll held Mariah solely responsible, she selflessly took the blame, explaining how she was the catalyst for that night’s drama.

“It did start with me. Everything started with me,” she said. “She doesn’t know any better…. I was upset. I should have just not went to the party, and I could have really, truly prevented all of that.”

Mariah was co-hosting the party at which she was planning to present her husband with a new car, and that’s why she didn’t decide to stay home that night. In retrospect, she would have done things differently.

“I tried to put on a game face. I had nothing to drink that day, no alcohol,” she said. “I overcompensated with energy and enthusiasm, but it just backfired because I was holding it all in.”

Though Toya denied ever sharing Mariah’s family secrets with others, Mariah has it on good authority that Toya did exactly that.

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