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They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But for many Americans, the holiday season is the most hectic, most stressful and most demanding.

“There’s the huge expectation to be jolly and cheerful and there’s often a big contrast between how people are actually feeling and how they’re expected to feel,” said Nadine Kaslow, chief psychologist at Emory University School of Medicine. “A lot of the discomfort of the holidays lays in that discrepancy.”

The financial strain of gift-giving, the memories of holidays past and the weight of wanting everything to be perfect can take its toll. But managing expectations and keeping things laid back can help stave off the holiday blues.

Don’t Take On Too Much

Hosting a holiday get-together is a big job — all the cooking and cleaning, and making sure everyone has what they need. But taking on too many responsibilities can leave you feeling too run down to enjoy the company.

“When people get tired they become irritable,” said Kaslow.

Avoid missing out on the fun by sharing some of the work – it will make the day less stressful for you and give others a chance to help out.

“Make it more of a potluck,” said Kaslow. “It doesn’t have to be perfect; doesn’t have to be extreme.”

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