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Denzel Washington has been married to his wife Pauletta for 39 years, and in a recent interview he explained what helps make a marriage strong: space. He also doesn’t believe you folks who sing songs about love at first sight. You know you didn’t like your spouse like that!

Well, as Denzel was quoted as putting it: “People who say they knew [their spouse was the right one when they met] are lying! It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

So yeah, everyone jog for the long haul.

Meanwhile on Hollywood and the need for space in marriage, the Oscar winner explained: “Hollywood gets a bad rap. It’s just a place with some footprints in cement. I don’t live there, I live in Los Angeles. But it’s probably helped our marriage that we’re apart a lot.”

Now go forth and find love…then have the occasional long distance relationship with it to strengthen the union.


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