Tyler Perry’s new movie “Good Deeds” came in at number two over the weekend grossing $16 million dollars on the big screen!

In addition to that, Perry did another good deed off the big screen. Perry blessed a Chicago pastor who had been living on an icy rooftop of an abandoned motel for three months in order to draw attention to gun violence; after presiding over 10 funerals last year for slain young men, all of them younger than 25.

The 43-year-old Rev. Corey Brooks, who is also the father for four, ended his 94-day vigil on Friday after a $100,000 donation from Tyler Perry! Perry’s donation took Pastor Brooks over his goal to raise $450,000 to buy and demolish the dilapidated Super Motel on Chicago’s South Side; which had become a haven for prostitution and drug dealing. Now, Brooks is seeking to raise money to build a community center on the site.

Source: Urban Christian News