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Daily Faith-Lift

Just as we exercise to keep physically fit, we must also exercise to keep spiritually fit! Below is a guideline kit to keep you spiritually fit:

1. We all know that before physical exercise it’s great to stretch. It’s also great for us to stretch our faith before spiritual exercise, by exchanging our weakness for God’s strength! So lace up those faith-walking shoes and walk!

2. Walking is a great leg exercise when you’re walking with God!

3. Knee bends put you in a great position for prayer!

4. Laughing is good exercise! It’s like jogging on the inside!

5. Arm Lifts are good because it’s a great position to praise God!

6. Sit-ups are good after you have been sitting down with God!

7. The  best kind of exercise is leading somebody to God!

Source: The Wings Of Inspiration

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