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 Most women, at some stage in their lives, develop the need to wear clothing items to hide a rounded or full stomach or to camouflage an all of a sudden too tight fitting pair of jeans.

 The art of looking slimmer is about learning more about your specific body shape and to find the correct style solutions to highlight your assets and disguise what you think are the least appealing attributes of your body.

 Whether your need to dressing slimmer is only temporary, until you have been able to lose unwantedpounds or whether you decide to accept and celebrate your voluptuous curves, here are some clever ways of dressing to bring about your best shape as well as if you have wide hips, a full bottom and stomach:

 •    Avoid short lengths, wear longer length shaped tops and jackets

•    Do not tuck in tops

•    Avoid shiny fabrics, wear matt fabrics

•    Opt for single-breasted, rather than double-breasted jackets

•    No pocket detail

•    Regular pants fit better than hipsters

•    Tapered bottoms makes the legs look slimmer than wide bottoms

•    Always choose items with a shaped waistband rather than an elasticated waistband

•    Do not wear a belt across the hips

•    Opt for a flat front rather than a pleated waistband

•    Swop a full skirt for a tapered skirt


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