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You can put yourself in the pink just by paying attention to the colors in your life. For example, wearing green attracts money. Writing things on yellow paper helps you remember them. You’ll get faster restaurant service if you wear red. Psychologist Dr. Edna DuShann discovered these and other facts during a 15-year career studying the effects that colors have on people attitudes and behavior. Here are DuShann’s tips on colors and what they can do for you.

  • Red energizes both the mind and body. To work more efficiently, keep a bright red object close by and look at it regularly. You’ll get waited on sooner in bank lines and restaurants if you wear red because it’s a bold color that demands attention.
  • Green has a deep subconscious association with wealth. Look at a green lawn or tree leaves to help you generate money-making ideas. When applying for a loan wear green to your interview.
  • Yellow stimulates memory. When trying to recall someone’s name or where you put your keys, look at a yellow bandana or an unpeeled lemon. To retain information, write it on a yellow legal pad.
  • Blue relaxes us. Look at the sky or at the ocean when you’re dressed. Wearing a blue shirt or sweater makes others feel more comfortable around you.
  • Pink has an amazingly positive effect on the immune system. To stay healthy or fight the beginnings of a cold or flu, surround yourself with pink.
  • Gray is great for helping you get out of yourself. When personal problems threaten to overwhelm you, look at a charcoal gray cloth or object to slow your self-centered thoughts and make you more objective. Wearing gray can make you blend into a crowd.
  • Violet is associated with confidence and personal power. Next time you have to take on a difficult task, especially one involving other people, look at a violet pastel painting or cloth. Violet will also help you command respect from those around you, but don’t overdo it. A violet shirt or jacket is going too far. Better to sport a violet tie or scarf.
  • White is the color of purity. Looking at clean white pillowcases, nice fluffy clouds or newly driven snow will help you fight temptation and resist bad habits.

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