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If you’re trying to figure out how to take a Summer vacation this year and money is tight, there are ways to take a break at work without taking time off! Check out the tips to help you recharge this summer while on the job:

Set the Timer: Check e-mail and respond only at certain times. By managing your schedule, you’ll feel more productive and won’t get sidetracked.

Hop On The Musical Time-Machine: Listen to music while at work.

Take A Walk: Grab a co-worker and go for a walk while on your break. Just don’t talk about work.

Say Good-Bye To Clutter: Experts say a dirty or cluttered workspace can really mess up your head. Clean off your desk and files to feel better organized.

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Relax And Get Centered: Take 10 minutes for deep breathing and relaxation in a quiet place.

Unplug Yourself: Leave technology at the office during your breaks.

Network: Use downtime to catch up with old friends and colleagues.

Be One With Nature: You don’t have to sit in the grass with your legs wrapped around your ears to be one with nature. Eat outdoors and get some vitamin D. Just 10 minutes in the sun can give you all of the vitamin D you need for the day.

Don’t Skimp On Lunch: Take the full time you’re allotted for lunch to meet with friends.


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