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Earth Day should be everyday!  The following tips will keep you inspired to go green through out the entire year.

Tip #1: Turn Off Water When Not In Use – This means, no need to run the water while brushing those pearly whites. And when doing dishes, consider running a full dishwasher full, or if washing by hand, turn the faucet off when not directly rinsing. And when it comes to gardening this season, try a rain barrel. Some cities offer free barrels, check out your local resources.

Tip #2 – Flip The Switch or Unplug! This is one that your parents have been yelling at you since you were a kid. But this is one that can create a lasting change in your home and on the planet. If we ALL flipped the switch every time just think of the savings in money and electricity. It only takes 30 days to create a habit, so start today, and in a month from now, just think…you’ll be saving all kinds of things.

Tip #3 – Recycle – This is by far the best way to affect change in the world. The less stuff we use, the less stuff will be made and the more resources will be saved. Think this won’t work? Just imagine if you didn’t automatically purchase the next new gadget or the next must have pair of shoes. Now imagine if a few of your friends did the same. We are pack animals and we do influence each-other more than we know. This doesn’t mean NEVER buy anything again EVER!! Just choose to pass on a few of those impulsive shiny things.

Tip #4 – Explore Your Neighborhood – you live in a city, suburb or way out on land, make some time to explore your surroundings.  Grab a nature book and learn about the indigenous plants and birds that are the treasures of where you live.

Tip #5 – Green Your Cleaning Supplies – Care for your home the eco-friendly way. You don’t have to sacrifice clean to be natural! Remove the chemicals from your home; revive your health and achieve a complete sense of well being with plant based cleaning supplies.

Tip #6 – Honor The Tree – Plant – Hug – Tree Yoga Pose – with the massive number of trees cut down each day to fill consumer and fast food needs, the planet is simply and quickly losing it’s #1 source of oxygen. If we, each of us, planted one or two trees this month and began to move towards replacing even small percentage of trees that are being chopped down we can have a chance at making this planet green once more.

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