In this edition of the True Hollywood Bible Stories, Erica Campbell and GRIFF tell the story of Luke 8:43 & 48, about a woman who had issues with her blood for twelve years, and was determined to get to Jesus in order to be healed. Despite the seemingly impossible outlook, she never let her faith […]

In this edition of Healthy Ever After, Erica Campbell talks about the battle against breast cancer. She talks about women’s tendency to put themselves last, leaving such a dangerous disease unchecked. Chances are, she says, you know somebody who has breast cancer. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Erica talks about the steps we […]

In this edition of the Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell & GRIFF pose the age-old question; who pays on date night, the man or the woman? The modern spin on the answers, however, is pretty astonishing. Many express a belief in a more even split, sometimes a man pays, sometimes a woman pays. The terms […]

In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about listening to a William McDowell song that says “I don’t mind waiting,” which inspired her to think about the many different ways that one can wait. You can wait with indifference, or with an attitude, or worse. But Erica says the best way to wait […]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF recalls getting baptized alongside a 90-year-old woman who was also getting baptized for the first time. He wonders what she had done her whole life before giving herself over to Christ, and whether there she really had any time left to live a life with Jesus after getting […]

A Brazilian woman is experiencing motherhood much later than usual. Sixty-one year old Antonia Leticia Rovati Asti gave birth to twins last week. This is…

This woman left her husband because he treats her too well. How many times have woman said “I want a man to treat me like the queen I am”? This woman got exactly that but she didn’t appreciate him. I’m not making any excuses for the “bad” men out there, (I will always treat my […]

Hosted by Tiffany Bacon Culture Check: Philly Flash Mobs    Guest:  Maurice Graves Women’s History Month: Self Esteem in Women Guests: Jennifer L. Reid, Shaleah L. Sutton, and Tandra Harris-Maurice  Graves  Uniquely You Summit Women’s History Month: Girl’s Track   Guests: Michael Reid, Emmit Brayboy, Denise Fortune, Deanna Barrow,  and Alissa Solomon Girl’s Track 215-683-4000 […]

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