Washington Redskins

News you can use… Weather: Today: Partly Sunny High: 79 Respiratory Illness Confirmed In 22 States! According to the CDC, cases of the virus known as enterovirus 68, has been confirmed in 22 states including New Jersey! The symptoms of this severe respiratory illness include: sneezing, fever, coughing and shortness of breath. There is no […]

56 Million Credit Cards Have Been Affected By Home Depot’s Security Breach! According to Home Depot, 56 million credit cards are at risk due the company’s security breach. This is more than the 40 million credit card info stolen from Target. For more information, go to http://tinyurl.com/qd8aeul. Chicago School Will Not Be Named After President […]

On Friday, Gregg Deal, a Native American activist and Brian Howard from the National Congress of American Indians joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now discuss the…

The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Washington Washington Football Team at The Lincoln Financial Field at 1pm! Prayerfully, the Eagles can break their 10 home-game losing streak plus win a 3rd straight win in a row! Nick Foles will be the starting QB! It’s been 413 days since The Eagles have won at home! Come […]

Mike Vick had a record-setting night! If for some reason you missed the game, catch all 6 of his touchdowns here! RELATED: The Hit That Reignited The Eagles Quarterback Controversy [VIDEO] RELATED: Michael Vick: Philly Knows A Winner! [PHOTOS]