Nathan Byrd, 9, challenged a teacher who said Martin Luther King killed himself. His father, Bill Byrd, joined Solomon for an exclusive interview to recount the story and talk about what’s next.


A 13-year-old Baltimore girl named Janiyah was empowered by peers after voicing deep vulnerabilities about her features. A teacher’s note exposed by a black Illinois mother has gone viral after the educator complained in a letter that the student’s hair “stinks.” Tionna Norris received a letter from her 3-year old daughter Amia’s teacher on Monday saying that the children were complaining that Amia’s hair stinks and advised the mom to use […]

Photos of a fourth grade teacher in Atlanta went viral when she was dubbed on #TeacherBae social media. While her beauty is certainly what caught the internet’s attention, Patrice “Tricey” Brown’s positive attention quickly turned negative when people began to scold her for what she was wearing. While Patrice didn’t show any skin, her curves […]

  Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders walked out of an on-camera interview yesterday when he a reporter started grilling him about his wife. Reports say the question was about Sanders’ wife Jane having a meeting with an outspoken racist in Arizona. Check out what his response was here. [Gawker] Earlier this week, a power cable inside Washington D.C’s […]

Courtesy of ABC Local KTRX A Houston middle school teacher is facing a felony charge for giving one of her students a lap dance for his birthday.  Teacher Felicia Smith reportedly entertained one of her students that came into her class and informed her that it was their birthday.  Mrs. Smith according to reports put […]

1. Pharrell Williams: Rapper and music producer. He was nominated for an Academy Award this year for the song “Happy” for the film Despicable Me 2. 2. Judge Greg Mathis: Retired Michigan 36th District Court judge and syndicated television show arbiter, famous for his reality show, Judge Mathis. 3. Colin Powell: Politician, Four-star General who […]

This is crazy! When will the madness end?

I recently read a New York Times article that explained the interesting concept of “perceptual learning,” which involves training the mind to memorize patterns rather than just learning concepts straight off. This method is being investigated by a small group of scientists who have evidence that proficiency improves when students in schools are groomed to […]

Two second-graders in an Oakland elementary school shocked the country when they were disciplined for performing oral sex on each other in class with a teacher present. The teacher has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation. Reportedly, some children had taken their clothes off in a separate incident as well. The events took […]