Serena Williams

Serena Williams mourns the loss of her beloved fur baby.

Underneath Serena Williams‘ tennis gear is a Superwoman uniform. The tennis champion found herself in superhero mode when a petty thief attempted to steal her phone while she was dining alone at a restaurant. In a lengthy and inspiring Instagram post, Serena details her encounter and how she took the situation into her own hands […]

Serena Williams graces the latest cover of WIRED magazine to explain how tech plays a huge role in her life and reveals even more about her efforts to empower other women. As this month’s guest editor, Serena explains that the passwords for her devices consist of affirmations, and though a small act, it helps her […]

Rachel Dolezal discovered being a Black woman and a White Brooklyn man was caught on video boasting about settling Brooklyn. These are just a few examples of things that have been "Columbused" in recent years.

In this special edition of the NewsOne Top 5 we take a look at the top stories in culture, media and entertainment during a summer that gave us plenty to talk about and debate.