Plus, University of Michigan student wearing hijab threatened with being set on fire and a North Carolina TV station censors ‘Saturday Night Live’ episode with Dave Chappelle.

Over the weekend, Taraji P. Henson turned the iconic Saturday Night Live stage into a simulated church service, complete with an accompanying choir. “I spent…

CCP Will Open Late Today! Due to a Peco-related issue, the Community College of Philadelphia main campus will open around noon today. Meanwhile, the college’s three regional centers will open on time. Read more at Rev. Charles Prince Of Zion Baptist Church Dismissed! Rev. Charles Prince of Zion Baptist Church in North Philly has […]

from: Tyler Perry was the target of a “Weekend Update” skit that poked fun at his new status as Forbes’ Highest Paid Man in Entertainment. Kenan Thompson suited up again as the filmmaker/actor/writer, entering the fake news segment tossing money in the air. Asked by host Seth Meyers how he was able to make […]