Marcus D. Wiley had a revelation when he realized him and his wife had an assignment to complete for their son Chase‘s school. Listen to the…

Marcus D. Wiley had a revelation the other day when having to take away his son’s basketball for acting up in school. But it wasn’t…

Today’s Revelation comes from “The Rapture.” Check out today’s segment to hear all about it! RELATED: Will The World End May 21st Or Is It Just Another Saturday? RELATED: More Revelations On

Today’s Revelation is  Marcus D. Wiley sharing his opinion on the differance between a Preacher and Pastor. Check out today’s segment to hear more!

Today Marcus D. Wiley got a Revelation from a Mega Church ad looking for a Pastor. Check out today’s segment to hear his plan to preach only once a year.

Today’s Revelation comes from Marcus D. Wiley buying a toy train for his son. Check out today’s segment to hear why this gave him a Revelation!

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As we grow up we have visions and dreams of grandeur for our family, finances, careers and our future. However those dreams quickly fade away once the reality of life appears.  

Today Marcus D. Wiley and Wess Morgan goes into the studio to work on Marcus’s vocals. Check out today’s Revelation and leave your comment on the Revelation you received after listening to today’s segment!

Today Marcus D. Wiley received a Revelation from Oprah. This is her last season and he is planning to get on her show somehow someway. Check out today’s Revelation to hear all about it.

Today Marcus D. Wiley gets a Revelation from Brian Courtney Wilson, who stopped pass to help Marcus sing.