The late “King of Pop” Michael Jackson was born on this day back in 1958. He would have been 56 today. Jackson passed away June 25th, 2009. Michael Jackson Facts: Michael Jackson grew up the fifth of six brothers in Gary, Indiana. He first rose to fame in the family group The Jackson 5. Their […]

According to reports, Rebbie Jackson-Brown, the sister of Michael Jackson, is mourning the loss of her husband Nathaniel Brown who passed away on Sunday, January…

According to Roland S. Martin, the Jackson family drama may be cooling off after a few weeks of intense bickering back and forth, but don’t expect everyone coming back together completely. That is, if you’re Janet Jackson, Rebbie Jackson, Randy Jackson, and Jermaine Jackson trying to find your way back onto the property where Katherine […]

Rebbie Jackson will be touring the country with her daughter talking about mental illness.