Thousands Still In The Dark! It’s day 6 for 17,000 PECO customers who are still in the dark due to power outages caused by last week’s ice storm! Read more at Source: NBC Philadelphia Love Park May Soon Be A Food Court! If Council president Darrell Clarke has his way, Love Park could soon […]

PECO continues to work hard to restore power from Wednesday’s storm. About 50,000 people remain without power. However, PECO says most should have their power restored by the end of the day, while others may have to wait a few more days. To get more information and the status of power outages in your county, […]

Peco’s Mass Response To Power Outages! Utility crews from around the country and even Canada are in the area helping PECO deal with a near-record power outage. Crews have been out throughout the night trying to get power restored in 2 to 5 county areas. Read more at Source: NBC-Philly President Barack Obama Says, […]

Several power outages have been reported to PECO in the Philadelphia area due to the heavy snow bringing down power lines and trees. To report a power outage to PECO, call 1-800-841-4141. Read more at Source: CBS-Philly Photo Credit: Also, “LIKE” my new Facebook page, “The Angel of Inspiration” at and follow […]