Last Thursday, a Detroit federal judge said that he will not extend the deadline for Michael Winans Jr. to report to federal prison for financial fraud. Winans, who is a member of the gospel music Winans family, says he needs 60 days to clear up what he considers to be “major errors” in the case. […]

It’s sad to report that on Wednesday a judge sentenced 30-year-old Michael Winans Jr. to nearly 14 years in prison for an $8 million financial scam that was promoted in church pulpits. Michael Winans Jr. is the son of Michael Winans Sr., a member of The Winans, one of gospel music’s first families. As a […]

Image from Federal prosecutors in Detroit filed a charge this week against Michael Winans Jr. for fraud in an 8 million dollar scam involving bogus bonds. Winans’ attorney said today that a guilty plea is expected at an undetermined date. The government says Winans knew the Saudi Arabian oil bonds weren’t real, but he […]