Obama says the hacks brought attention to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and issues within the Democratic National Committee.

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The Alfred Olango shooting raises more questions about the nation's police. How should they respond to the mentally ill?

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Fourteen-year-old Bresha Meadows took the life of her father in July. She is currently behind bars on charges of aggravated murder. But Bresha’s family is calling her a “hero,” who saved them all from the verbally and physically abusive Jonathan Meadows. Police allege Bresha shot her father as he slept in their Warren, Ohio home, using the same gun with which […]

In the eyes of many, athletes are real-life superheroes, able to perform extraordinary feats for the personal highlight reel of fans and mention of sports commentators worldwide. As someone regarded as “the female Michael Jordan,” Chamique Holdsclaw more than fit that mold, with a string of honors (seven high school basketball championships, three consecutive NCAA […]

After being diagnosed with schizophrenia, Romechia Simms allowed her son to die of hypothermia and dehydration while on a swing set. A judge is allowing Simms to seek medical treatment for her mental illness in lieu of prison.

Mental Health Monday: Arthur C. Evans Jr., Ph.D. is the Commissioner of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services. He stopped by today to tell listeners about National Depression Screening Day this Thursday! Screenings are free and anonymous! For more information go to Healthy Minds Philly or call 1-888-545-2600. Additional information can be […]

How do you deal with a loved one that is experiencing  depression or some form of mental illness? We here at Marriage Beyond the Vows are focusing our attention today on the topic of depression and mental illness and how recognize the signs. A much needed discussion will unfold with guests, licensed therapists Steve Fantini […]

Getty/The Image Bank  There are many people here in the city of Philadelphia who are suffering from Mental Illness and depression, but really don’t know where to turn for help. They aren’t sure where to go to find support. Below we have provided some information for those who are looking for resources to help with […]

Rebbie Jackson will be touring the country with her daughter talking about mental illness.