It’s the Wednesday Edition of Clues and Categories and the fellas currently have a 2-0 lead. Will they wrap up the week early?  Peyton versus Virginia is next.

It’s time for the Talent Show as Barbara battles Darryl. Call up and vote at 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).

It happens Monday and Wednesday at 5:20pm et, the Talent Show airs on the Lonnie Hunter Show. Who will get voted as the best? 877-545-6643.  Kaiya, Tumo, or Monique?

It’s Thursday and Clues and Categories is next as Douglas and Antoinette battle out to find out if the ladies will take the week or if the men will finish the week with a tie.  Find out who won right now!

The game is tied 1-1 for Clues and Categories.  Who is going to go out front with a lead? Phil or Tameka?  Find out next!

The Talent Show is happening right now on the Lonnie Hunter Show.  Will it be 1) Jennifer, 2) Jamie, or 3) Leslie? Vote at 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE) .

Tamara versus Harvey is up next on Clues and Categories.  Who will take the win?

It’s the second game of the week for Clues and Categories.  Who is going to get the win today?  The ladies or the men?  Find out next.

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Listen to todays battle of the sexes talent show. India from Virginia & Jonathan from Philadelphia….who do you think sang better?

                  Its going down Delaware Valley style with Debra versus Alden.  The women are up 1-0, lets see how it goes down for a Tuesday.

The men were full blown swept last week during Battle of the Sexes Clues and Categories.  Let’s see if the men have a short term memory or if their misfortune will continue.