Courtesy of Philly Dot Com The website GoFundMe has shutdown the funding campaign that someone created to support South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, whom is in the news for the death of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man that was trying to run from the officer during a police traffic stop.  Officer Slager fired […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com Luggage handlers are caught stealing passengers belongings during a recent sting in Miami International.  The baggage handlers were caught on tape by hidden cameras.  The investigation was set-up by the Miami-Dade Police Department.  The problem is wide spread and has increased over the years with property loss totaling roughly $2.5M. […]

Clues and Categories pits Mike against Melinda.  The ladies are up 1-0.  Will the fellas tie the week?

1) Shelton, 2) Dorthea and 3) Tia go head to head for a mid-week Talent Show. Call up and vote at 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).

It’s time for the Talent Show as 3 contestants step to the mic on the Lonnie Hunter Show.  Kendrick, Christina or Stephanie?  Find out by voting at 877-545-6643 (877-54-LONIE).

Melissa goes against Evan for Clues and Categories.  Who will take Game 2?

Courtesy of NBC Philadelphia A 9 yr old boy that got lost at the Central Park zoo in New York City while his family was visiting the animals claims the experience was “the greatest day in his life!”   He lost contact with his parents while visiting the zoo and roamed around Manhattan and reached Times […]

It’s Clues and Categories and Game 1 is coming up next.  Anitra is going against Tony.  Who will start the week off right?

Ashley versus Jay is going on right now for Clues and Categories. Who is going to win?  The women are currently up 1-0.

Courtesy of Philly Dot Com A pastor in Philadelphia has been voted out by his members in a 221 to 166 vote.  The pastor of the Zion Baptist Church in North Philly, Rev Carl Prince has been removed.  Before the vote, there were some church members that launched a strike support that claims any vote […]

Courtesy of  6 ABC Dot Com A Illinois state trooper met his match when he tried to pull over a trucker for honking his horn at him.  In Illinois, it is illegal for any driver to honk their horn at police and state troopers.  The trooper pulls over the trucker, who notifies the trooper that […]

Deanne versus Sloan are the contestants of Game 3 for Clues and Categories.  Who will win?