The Made in America dust-up that embroiled hip-hop mogul Jay-Z mounted in a public relations war against the Kenney administration was about much more than the festival being held on the Ben Franklin Parkway. It was about the ongoing fights that are driven by gentrification, race, and class. In communities across the city and the nation, black residents […]

The Made in America festival is a multicultural platform that represents strength, freedom of speech, and perseverance for artists and music lovers. Philadelphia, an iconic city, represents those ideals. The location is integral to the pulse of the festival. The [Benjamin Franklin] Parkway is a cultural arts center that is symbolic to the more than […]

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Why It Took A Neo-Nazi Endorsement To Get New Balance To Embrace Diversity Remember when brands bent over backwards to avoid being associated with Black people? In the 90’s and 2000’s, luxury brands like Cristal and Timberland openly resisted the attention that Hip Hop’s bling era brought their products. Well, just a week into […]

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