In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF says he comes in need because he’s noticing an epidemic just as big as the Zika Virus rearing its ugly head on unsuspecting victims. He says its a “taboo” epidemic, and he’s referring to the way people have been suddenly dropping their phones and cracking the screens! He […]

Barbara Mills and the East Baton Rouge DA believe the key to finding Brittney Mills' killer lies in her text messages.

There is an offensive and cryptic message that could crash your iPhone. This message contains Arabic characters and symbols that will shut your phone down and then reboot it. Apple is aware of the problem and working to fix it. In the meantime, a report says if you don’t want to take any changes on […]

Next month McDonald’s will try out serving their breakfast for lunch and dinner in its San Diego locations. Right now McDonald’s ends its breakfast at 10:30 and people have straight up attitudes about it. My daughter is one of them. 24-hour breakfast at McDonald’s? We’ll have to wait and see! Read more at http://tinyurl.com/pmdur3u. Also trending, […]

Courtesy of CNN Money Dot Com The new Apple IPhone released this past weekend with its 6th version of the phone.   The new phone debuted with long lines and overnight camping from consumers.  The phone has been a major success sales wise with total sales of 10 million from September 19-21, 2014.  This does […]

Mother Nature Brought Rain, Wind And Fire! Mother Nature delivered a noisy night into the early mornings hours, with heavy bands of rain, high winds and fierce lightening; leaving behind fallen trees, uprooted trees, power outages and a few house fires caused by lightening. Thank goodness no injuries were reported. Philadelphia City Council Prepares For […]

Courtesy of CNN Dot Com Imagine you have a friend that has been getting on your nerves and you’re trying to do everything to avoid running into them in public.  Well, there is a new app called “Cloak”, which uses check-in data from Instagram and FourSquare to notify users in their phone book of a […]

VIA: EURWEB Revolutionary new media company DV8 Media has released “The Life Of Jesus”, and epic, comprehensive mobile phone application dedicated to the life of the Christian savior. Containing cutting edge original video and audio productions, engaging interactive games, Christian-themed communication tools, and the full text of the New Testament, searchable and book-markable, The Life […]

Your boy Antoine Dodson is back yet again. This time with his new sex offender app. The purpose of this app is to alert you whenever you are in an area where a registered sex offender is said to live. Dodson has received media fame after his sister was almost attacked and raped in her […]

As if the iPhone hasn’t saved you enough times, the new WorldLive Shopper App helps you save money while shopping. Didn’t think it was possible? Hear me out.