Courtesy of Mail Online Imagine you are going through airport security and the alarm goes off.  Your immediately told by airport security to empty your pockets of all belongings.  You oblige and there are enormous amounts of change.  In a rush to not miss your outgoing flight, you take your wallet keys, but forget to […]

Courtesy of CNN and You Tube In a 2007 Emmy acceptance speech, Kathy Griffin mentioned that Jesus had nothing to do with winning an creative arts Emmy award for the show she was nominated, My Life on the D-List.  Kathy Griffin stated, “At the Emmy awards, alot of people come up here and thank Jesus […]

Courtesy o NBC Philadelphia Dot Com Motivated carjacker becomes unenthusiastic when the vehicle he set to steal from a would be motorist turned out to be a manual transmission vehicle.  The carjacker jumped into the passenger seat of the vehicle to tell the owner to get out.  When the owner obliged, the thief set to […]

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com A drunk New Jersey man tried to cover up a car accident after he allegedly blew through a stop sign and hit a guard rail in a family member’s car.  He called on his best friend to help him cover up the incident by acquiring 5 gallon buckets to […]

Courtesy of CNN President Obama was in the voter box in Chicago for a mid term election yesterday when a woman’s boyfriend jokingly mentioned to the commander-in-chief , “don’t touch my girlfriend”.  The President had taken the comment in stride and responded that he never intended to.  Then, he playfully told the women that he […]

Courtesy of MSNBC Dot Com A White House intruder that breached the walls earlier this month was able to get further than the outside grounds according to recent news reports.  Omar Gonzalez, was able to overpower a Secret Service officer at the front door and made it through the East Room where he was  finally […]

Courtesy of CNN Money Dot Com The new Apple IPhone released this past weekend with its 6th version of the phone.   The new phone debuted with long lines and overnight camping from consumers.  The phone has been a major success sales wise with total sales of 10 million from September 19-21, 2014.  This does […]

A father shoots and kills the boyfriend of her daughter that he mistaken for a intruder.  The boyfriend was found in his daughter’s bedroom late at night.  The father told the gentleman to not move while he called the authorities, but chose to use his firearm when the 32 year old man moved anyway.  The […]

Courtesy of CNN Money Dot Com “When you gotta go, you gotta go!”  Well, according to the WaterSaver Faucet Company, it doesn’t quite work like that.  The Chicago-based company have implemented a policy that employees are required to not take longer than 6 minutes during a bathroom break or disciplinary action will be carried out. […]

Courtesy of Philly Dot Com A pastor in Philadelphia has been voted out by his members in a 221 to 166 vote.  The pastor of the Zion Baptist Church in North Philly, Rev Carl Prince has been removed.  Before the vote, there were some church members that launched a strike support that claims any vote […]

Courtesy of Mail Online This story is so inspiring!  A two year old amputee walks for the very first time.  His name is Kayden Elijah and his right foot and left leg were amputated earlier this year.  He was born with his vital organs outside of his body, the condition is called Omhalocele .  The doctors […]

Courtesy of 6 ABC Dot Com An Camden charter school is taking excellence to a whole new level as they have just celebrated a 100 percent graduation rate and 100 percent college attendance for the 10th year in a row!!!  The name of the school is LEAP Academy University Charter School in Camden.  Camden, which […]