Hate Crime

An investigation is under way after an African American employee of the New York City Parks and Recreations Department discovered a black baby doll hanging from a noose on Tuesday. SEE ALSO: Former Players Sue NFL Over Brain Injuries The letters “KKK” were also found scratched into the wall of the bathroom. A statement issued […]

More than 500 people gathered in Jackson, Mississippi Sunday to denounce the racially motivated killing of an African-American man. James Craig Anderson, 49, was beaten by a group of white teen’s, then fatally mowed over with an attacker’s truck early July. Surveillance video released this month brought the story to the nation’s attention, and aided […]

MILWAUKEE, WIS. — As more and more violent flash-mob attacks occur across the country, the news media and public officials believe much of the crime is motivated by race. Many African Americans are weary of the descriptions, saying the Black community is being described in a condescending manner and used as a scapegoat. Just yesterday, […]

Video has been released of the killing of James Craig Anderson, a 49-year-old auto plant worker, who was killed by a group of white men. One of the teens involved said “let’s go f**k with some n****,” before the incident began, according to police. The group then proceeded to beat Anderson and run him over […]