Marvel Comics character Riri Williams, an African-American woman superhero, was featured in MIT’s admissions video.

Contestant Rachel Lindsay is a 31-year-old attorney from Dallas.


Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer will step down after five years.

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According to a new diversity report, Tinseltown suffers from a lack of equal representation.

Reason #876 why inclusion and representation in advertising matters to our children.

People of color are underrepresented in the Spring 2016 ad campaigns. And water is wet.

Plus, report finds that the fashion industry is still slow on diversity and North Carolina teen suspended for smelling like weed, but passed drug test.

In a racially charged year, differences are on high level Amber alert. We can't escape the dialogue. 'Zootopia' sweetly reminds us that we shouldn't.

Jada Pinkett Smith is doing everything she can to advance people of color forward.

The 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards took place on Saturday and the night proved to be a big one for diversity, Spotlight, and Idris Elba. Most of the awards won by people of color were for television performances, but Idris Elba shined bright throughout the evening. Although the actor didn’t receive an Oscar nod this year, […]

One size doesn’t fit all anymore and one dollmaker is striving to include every shape, shade and size into its line. Barbie is working to…

Cheryl Boone Isaacs issued a statement over the weekend after Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith called for an Oscars boycott.