Most narratives coming out of Detroit deal much with the African American experience. Given that nearly 90 percent of the city’s population is Black, this…

In 2002, stripper Tamara Greene was rumored to have performed for then-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick at the city’s Manoogian Mansion. Months later, she turned up dead. SEE ALSO: Teen Beaten Unconscious Over Bus Seat N’Dour Halts Music Career For Presidency In Detroit and elsewhere, the murder of Greene has been the subject of whispers and […]

A Detroit man is being hailed as a hero after he gave his own life in a robbery so that his wife could be spared. SEE ALSO: Man Stabbed At Airport, Gets On Flight Anyway Tommie Caldwell, 63, was fatally shot when robbers entered the northwest Detroit home he shared with his wife. Caldwell was […]

Vincent M. Keenan, Detroit political activist and proponent of the recently adopted new city charter, writes in the HuffingtonPost that the beleaguered, nearly-bankrupt metropolis has just turned a very important corner: Last Tuesday, the new Charter was adopted. It contains ethics reform and enforcement and anticipates policing the complexities of public-private partnerships like the Woodward […]

Call them riots or civil insurrections, when a disenfranchised population is triggered by an event that symbolizes their shared grievances, the consequences can be the unleashing of years of suppressed frustration and rage. While it is common for governments to blame the rioters, a detailed look at the causes show that the law and law […]

Legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin will once again serenade President Obama when she performs before his speech on jobs and the economy on Monday in Detroit. Franklin, a Detroit native, also welcomed Obama to the White house when she sung “Let Freedom Ring” at his inauguration in Jan. 2009. Her performance will be held at […]

DETROIT–Magic Johnson said via Twitter that he plans to create jobs in his hometown Detroit. He teased that he will also be making a “big announcement” in the near future. A second tweet read, “Look forward to help putting people back to work in my home state.” Read More At RELATED: Magic Johnson Brings […]

DETROIT — A last-minute change of plans saved a Detroit school for pregnant teens from being permanently shut down. The Catherine Ferguson Academy was to be closed by the Detroit School District because of financial impediments, however, was surprisingly halted due to unexpected charter plans. The academy has been educating teen mothers since 1988 and […]

DETROIT — A disturbing survey started by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund found that 47 percent of Detroit residents were functionally illiterate. The reports: When it comes to reading a newspaper, filling out a job application or reading instructions on a medicine bottle, nearly half of the residents just can’t do it. Of the 200,000 […]

DETROIT — Gov. Rick Snyder announced that former General Motors Corporation executive Roy Roberts would become the new emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools, replacing Robert Bobb. reports: Roberts will have broader powers granted through a recent state law, including the ability to toss out union contracts as part of cost-cutting efforts. His […]

DETROIT- The manager for the Detroit Public Schools has sent layoff notices to all of the district’s 5,466 unionized employees to solve their financial emergency .

In case you missed it, Gospel great Fred Hammond talking to Tom Joyner this morning, we have you covered! Hear the full audio interview and J. Anthony Brown’s no-so-subtle jokes. Did he go too far? Fred Hammond seemed to take the jokes in stride and replied to via Twitter saying, “I don’t pay him […]