Dejanaba Gordon

Today’s edition of Praise In The City welcomes the writer and actors of a new stage production that deals with how we use our art┬áto better ourselves and offer help to those in need of encouragement in their daily lives. In studio we have John Reeves, Ruth Oliver, and Jerome Scott of the production The […]

Today’s edition of Praise In The City is going to deal with health and wellness. First we’ll discuss sexual health among the youth community with Natasha and Devon of Plain Talk Philly. Then we switch to nutritional health with guest and friend Dejanaba Gordon.

It’s spring time and it’s time to clean house. Do you have a spring time routine for getting yourself back on track? Today we’re talking to Dejanaba Gordon on getting nutritionally, physically, and mentally clean for the spring season.

Today’s edition of Praise In The City wants to ask what your favorite dishes are for Thanksgiving and are you willing to try healthy alternatives to ┬áthose dishes? Here to help us prepare a more healthy Thanksgiving is health specialist Dejanaba Gordon.