More than 20 years after Michael Jordan's dad James was murdered, the alleged killer's lawyer is trying to get his client out of jail.

Keisha Williams, the mother of the 3 children who were tragically killed in a carjacking last month, has died. Williams has been in the hospital since the carjacking innocent and the took the life of her three children. The Two suspects Jonathan Rosa and Cornelius Crawford are in custody after they were arrested and charged with […]

from: A Vigil for the victims who were killed in a deadly hit-and-run carjacking last week, will be held at 6 p.m. at Germantown and Allegheny avenues. Two men who caused this horrific accident have been taken into custody and charged in the carjacking and crash. NBA legend and former Philadelphia 76er Charles Barkley is offering to […]

Legendary Philadelphia 76ers star Charles Barkley is making a power forward move by offering to pay for the funerals of the three children killed in the horrific carjacking crash on Friday.  There’s nothing more powerful than having a star show up to shine a light on a dark situation.  Charles Barkley’s heart has been touched and weighs […]