When I left the mall that day, I knew these stories had to be told in order to be understood. I also realized that the March was just as much for healing as it was for justice. People needed to heal from their wounds of injustice and who better to do that with than thousands of people who feel what you feel.

Imagine growing up the epitome of the American Dream, but never seeing yourself that way. I was a twin, I had two loving parents who supported everything we did, and I grew up in a small multi-ethnic suburban town outside of Philadelphia. There was no baby mama drama in our household. My father came home […]

Radio One teamed up with Pandora to bring some Unforgettable Moments to some Unforgettable Mothers. In episode 3, we asked Kenneth Koon to share some of his best memories of his mother growing up. Then we shared some of the special moments with his mom. Check out the video below… _____ Also Check Out: Unforgettable Moments Ep. 2: A Daughter’s Love […]

Radio One teamed up with Pandora to bring some Unforgettable Moments to some Unforgettable Mothers. In episode 1, we asked Keyon Powell to share some thoughts about his mother on camera, then we surprised his mom by sharing some of his words with her. Check out this emotionally touching video below. CHECK OUT: Unforgettable Moments Ep. 2: A Daughter’s Love Never Ends [Exclusive Video] […]

During the month of May, Praise 103.9 & Unclaimed Diamonds put together a special promotion called #ProtectOurWomen, in which we asked out users to send us photos of the special women in their lives to our FACEBOOK page using the hashtag #ProtectOurWomen and tell us what that special lady or ladies in your life means to you. The winner would win a  White […]

Father’s from all over the tri-state accompanied their daughters to the 2014 Daddy Daughter Dance, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center this past weekend. Check out some of the beautiful photos below..

Columbus, Ohio native Tanesha Holland sang her way into the spotlight as she beat out an amazing group of vocalists to become Praise 103.9’s 2014 Best Inspirational Singer In America. The event showcased highly competitive singers from not only all over the country, but all over the world. Tanesha Holland battled her way through vocalist […]

(The photos in this article are of a few young black men that are associated with my life through friends and family. Do you value their lives as much as you do the children in your life?) (Meet Naseer. Do you value this young man’s life? – pictured above) In August of 1955 a 14-year-old […]

When I was growing up, my parents never shied away from teaching my twin brother and I about how the world worked and how we ought to be very careful in a society that wasn’t too keen on young boys who looked like us. However, in my short lifetime the world has been flipped upside […]

From Jim Crow To Dress Code How Bars & Clubs Use Dress Codes To Keep Out Young Black Men from: Between 1876 and 1965 the United States of America lived by some repugnant and nasty laws called Jim Crow Laws. These laws mandated racial segregation in all public facilities in Southern States of the former Confederacy. […]