Today’s edition of Praise In The City wants you to explore how you feel about the film, Selma. Did you see it? Are you going to see it? If not, why? On the line to discuss the film and some the politics of it is our dear friend to the program, columnist Denise Clay.

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Pop culture experts and journalists Tim Gordon and Jawn Murray joined Roland Martin Friday on “NewsOne Now” to discuss Kevin Hart’s recent comments about African-American cinema and…


Award-winning producer Tracey Edmonds is the woman behind many successful films. Tracy is now part of a film studio called Our Stories that produces films…

On today’s edition of Praise In The City we’d like to ask the question: Is it encouraging to see African-Americans playing a variety of different roles in the film industry? This being the eve of the Oscars there is a lot of buzz around the amount of Black films and actors that are getting shine. […]

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and the reflection of Black History Month, I’ve gathered names and a couple of video clips of memorable kisses and  romantic scenes in black films.  Reflect and be inspired.  Please leave us your comments and other choices that you may have in the comment box below. Jason’s Lyric – […]

New York– On Sunday, January 23, 2011, AFFRM (African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement) hosted the first of our trio of dinners for black filmmakers and film thinkers at Sundance Film Festival. These dynamic group conversations on “all things black + indie + film”  shed optimism on the future of Black film, despite the reoccurring struggles […]