A white North Carolina woman who harassed two black women while they waited for AAA roadside assistance has turned herself into police, according to NBC News affiliate WCNC of Charlotte. Susan Westwood, 51, turned herself in on Saturday. She was transferred to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department, where she was served with an outstanding misdemeanor […]

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Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia. Will her diagnosis give Trump more ammunition against the presidential hopeful?

Courtesy of Mail Online Dot Com A new pepper spray device can take a would-be attackers photos, sound an alarm and call the police all with the touch of one single button.  The new device is being called The Defender! The little gadget hangs from your key-chain, but can link up with your cell phone […]

Courtesy of CNN There is a brewing controversy over the 9/11 Memorial Museum because of the buildings’ idea to have a gift shop that profits from this tragedy.  The victim’s parents want the museum to stop selling souvenirs.  The building structure costs $65 million to operate annually with no government support so building operating managers […]

http://blog.petflow.com Take-aways are tough to learn, especially when you’re only four! I feel his pain, but at least little Johnny was smart enough to know…

getty images/Ryan D. Budhu It was 12 years ago today that our countries biggest tragedy hit the shores of our great land. Thousands of innocent people killed and today we remember them. Even 12 years later we still pray for the families of lost loved ones, and hope a tragedy like that never happens again. […]


The devastating attacks of 9/11 had a profound impact on the spiritual lives of Americans. Aside from the brief bump in church attendance, the memory…

Many 9/11 conspiracy theories surfaced shortly after the September 11th attacks — some bringing compelling arguments and some not holding up at all. Theorists believe…

The true spirit that lives on from September 11, 2001 is love. I was at work the day the buildings fell victim to hatred. I walked home with people covered in dust and dirt. I helped a man shake the debris from his clothes. I lost friends in those sterling silver  towers of light. There […]

NEW YORK – Marking Osama bin Laden’s death where the terrorist inflicted his greatest damage, President Barack Obama soberly laid a wreath Thursday at New York’s ground zero and declared to the city and the world, “When we say we will never forget, we mean what we say.” The president closed his eyes and clasped […]

It’s been 9 years since the attack at the World Trade Center … Peter was there!!! Hear what happened inside.

WASHINGTON (AP) – September 11, 2010 – — President Obama has a message on this day of remembrance. Amid an atmosphere of unease, President Obama wants Americans to mark the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks by recapturing the sense of common purpose felt on that dreadful day. “If there is a lesson to […]