It’s been 9 years since the attack at the World Trade Center … Peter was there!!! Hear what happened inside.

WASHINGTON (AP) – September 11, 2010 – — President Obama has a message on this day of remembrance. Amid an atmosphere of unease, President Obama wants Americans to mark the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks by recapturing the sense of common purpose felt on that dreadful day. “If there is a lesson to […]

This song always lifts our spirit, and hopefully it does the same for Marvin Sapp and his children as the grieve MaLinda Sapp. We also hope the survivors of the September 11th terrorist attacks are uplifted by this inspirational performance by Marvin Sapp. RELATED: As Marvin Sapp & His Children Mourn… RELATED: MaLinda Sapp: Remembered […]

(CNN) With so many recent natural disasters affecting millions of people all over the globe, the constant calls for donations from celebrities and aid organizations can be overwhelming. Especially in difficult economic times, donating to relief efforts may not be practical, even for the most empathetic. The good news is your time can sometimes make […]

(AOL) (Sept. 10) — Florida fundamentalist preacher Terry Jones continued to give conflicting signals today about his on-again, off-again Quran burning, as doubt and controversy surround an event that has already triggered violent protests and injuries. Jones told NBC’s “Today” show this morning that he would not go through with Saturday’s planned destruction of Islam’s holy […]

Obama gave strong words to Pastor Terry Jones that he doesn't want him to burn the Muslim's Holy Book, The Koran on the anniversary of 9/11. He feels that it would jeopardize the lives of our American solders fighting over in the Middle East.

The leader of a small Florida church that espouses anti-Islam philosophy said Wednesday he was determined to go through with his plan to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11. How do you feel about this? Is it the right thing to do? Or is it just wrong? Let us know!

Pastor of a Florida church plans to burn The Muslim Holy Book, The Koran, to protest his feelings about the September 11th attacks. Read all the full information right here.