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WrestleMania 40

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Professional wrestling has been apart of pop culture for generations. The industry has seamlessly been able to find a way to remain relevant with their incredible storytelling, captivating characters, and outstanding entertainment. As the popularity of Professional Wrestling continues to grow, the industry has been continuously trying to find ways to integrate other sectors of pop culture into their own.

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Celebrities have often been utilized to get the crowd involved into the spectacle. Dating back to Mr. T appearing at the inaugural Wrestlemania in 1985, fans have always been reactive to the pop culture crossover. As the celebrities’ fanbase is now introduced to the pro wrestling universe, the audience for both the celebrity and the promotion is impacted in a positive way.

Athletes have also made their fair share of appearances in the pro wrestling world. As many wrestlers are sometimes not considered ‘real’ professional athletes, ‘real’ athletes get and the ring and prove that not just anybody is able to get in the squared circle and do what these professionals do on a nightly basis.

WrestleMania 40

Source: WWE / Getty

But all in all, professional wrestling has always been an amazing cameo opportunity for celebs and athletes who are interested in stepping inside the ring. We have had some Philadelphia celebs and athletes who have graced the ring with their presence and it resulted in a spectacular turnout.

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But what if these Philadelphia athletes took wrestling serious and decided to stop chasing statistics and picked up a singlet? Well our imagination has got you covered! Our team at RNB Philly has put together a list of Philadelphia athletes that we feel would be amazing professional wrestlers, and who they remind us of in the WWE!

Check out these Philly Athletes that could be Pro Wrestling Superstars!


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Broad Street Bullies: 15 Philadelphia Athletes That Could Become WWE Superstars  was originally published on

1. Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid Source:Getty

The heart and soul of the 76ers, Embiid is good and he knows it. He knows he is responsible for the success of today’s 76ers and would have a huge issue if you didn’t acknowledge that..

WWE Comparison: Bron Breaker

2. Lane Johnson

Lane Johnson Source:Getty

The shear size of this Eagles Tackle alone is enough for him to be a dominant big man in the industry. Johnson made an appearance at Wrestlemania XL at the Lincoln Financial Field, where 

WWE Comparison: Bron Breaker

3. Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper Source:Getty

Bryce Harper is our national treasure, seeing him perform the way he does is like none other. A generational talent that we are lucky to have, with a charisma that could put anybody over in the WWE. 

WWE Comparison: John Cena

4. Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham Source:Getty

Brandon Graham is the soul of the Philadelphia Eagles. His leadership capability along with his passion for the game and ability to draw in the crowd, B-G could be a huge face for the company. 

WWE Comparison: Big E

5. Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley Source:Getty

Saquon Barkley is very athletic despite his chiseled frame. Barkley’s athleticism couple with his strength could make him a dominant figure in the industry. 

WWE Comparison: Bobby Lashley

6. DeVonta Smith

DeVonta Smith Source:Getty

DeVonta Smith  is lightning quick and super agile. We believe his on-field athleticism would translate well in the ring as he would be an awesome high-flyer!

WWE Comparison: Rey Mysterio/ Finn Balor

7. De’Anthony Melton

De'Anthony Melton Source:Getty
De’Anthony Melton has been a key component of the 76ers. A defensive specialist matched with his supreme athleticism would allow him to be apart of an unstoppable faction in the WWE. 

WWE Comparison: Montez Ford

8. Alec Bohm

Alec Bohm Source:Getty

Alec Bohm has a special place in Phillies fans hearts. Bohm has the ability to galvanize the crowd at any minute, which is an important fixture when trying to get your gimmick over in the WWE.

WWE Comparison: Sami Zayn

9. Paul Reed

Paul Reed Source:Getty

Paul Reed is a beloved member of the 76ers, but being a backup to star Joel Embiid has only added an immense amount of pressure for him. He may not always know his positioning, yet he has always been able to provide the team what they need to get over the hump. 

WWE Comparison: R-Truth

10. Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis Source:Getty

Jordan Davis stands 6’6 and weighs 335 pounds. Literally an immovable force. His ability to tower over defenders would translate well in the WWE.

WWE Comparison: Omos

11. Tyrese Maxey

Tyrese Maxey Source:Getty

Tyrese Maxey is undeniably a fan favorite. With his bright personality and uber athletic ability, this bouncy babyface would do just fine in the WWE

WWE Comparison: Ricochet

12. Kelly Oubre Jr.

Kelly Oubre Jr. Source:Getty

Kelly Oubre Jr. has a showmanship about his that oozes confidence. His ability to turn non-believers into handclaps and cheers is  something that we don’t see often. 

WWE Comparison: Carmelo Hayes

13. Brandon Marsh

Brandon Marsh Source:Getty

The Phillies outfielder has a intimidating bearded along with a 6’4 athletic figure that could make him a permanent fixture in the WWE  

WWE Comparison: Luke Gallows

14. Nicolas Deslauriers

Nicolas Deslauriers Source:Getty

As one of the team leader in fights, we’ve never seen Deslauriers back from a fight

WWE Comparison: Braun Strowman

15. Nick Castellanos

Nick Castellanos Source:Getty

Nick has a ‘too cool for school’ attitude that is backed up by his performance. We think his transition into pro wrestling would be smooth, with a dynamite heel role.

WWE Comparison: The Miz

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