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PHOTOS OF THE DAY: Kobe Bryant, Michael B. Jordan, Khloe Kardashian, & More  was originally published on

1. Ready to risk it all.

Ready to risk it all.

2. Holla, Holla.

Holla, Holla.

3. Oops.


4. Bootylicous.


5. Bag lady…

Bag lady…

6. The greatest in the world.

The greatest in the world.

7. The original basketball wife.

The original basketball wife.

8. Pays to be king.

Pays to be king.

9. It’s a reunion.

It’s a reunion.

10. Deuces.


11. Girls’ Night Out.

Girls’ Night Out.

12. New chick bad.

New chick bad.

13. Super funny.

Super funny.

14. That Christmas spirit.

That Christmas spirit.

15. Is that yo’ chick?

Is that yo’ chick?

16. I’m Batman.

I’m Batman.

17. Bill Murray’s bae.

Bill Murray’s bae.

18. The farewell journey begins.

The farewell journey begins.

19. Yoooooo, Kobe!

Yoooooo, Kobe!

20. Gimme five.

Gimme five.

21. She’s looking svelte.

She’s looking svelte.

22. Peace and hair grease.

Peace and hair grease.

23. Over it.

Over it.

24. Say cheese.

Say cheese.

25. Skate, skate, skate.

Skate, skate, skate.

26. Hooray.


27. To be a fly on the wall for this convo.

To be a fly on the wall for this convo.

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