TD Jakes at Women's Empowerment

Source: Glenn Parson / Glenn Parson

After a relaxing weekend, Monday rolls around to snap everyone back to reality. Typically Monday is associated with “here we go again”, unhappiness or back to being told what to do after a weekend of freedom. For that reason many people hate Mondays, but not anymore! This Monday we will claim what we want and motivate ourselves to know that the day is what we make it! We will lean on Mondays being the beginning of the week for a new opening! Start your Monday off with this a powerful word or morning quote!

1. Diddy’s Lifetime Achievement Award Speech, “The Time is Now”!

2. Kirk Franklin & Maverick City Powerful BET Awards 2022 Performance

3. Faith Talk Challenge

4. Kirk Franklin in Philly at Roots Picnic 2022

5. Won’t He Do It!

6. Michelle Obama- Power of Hope

7. Kik Franklin- Gods Gifts, Don’t Give Up

8. Denzel Washington- When The Devil Ignores You, You are Doing Something Wrong

9. Will Smith- You Can Not Make a Person Happy

10. Denzel Washington- Have an Attitude of Gratitude

11. Kevin Gates- Choose You Over a Relationship

12. Kyrie Irving- Don’t Worry About People’s Perception of You

13. Lauren London- Surrender Control

14. Michelle Obama- Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS

15. Will Smith- Following Your Dreams

16. Will Smith- Happiness is Peace, Not Pleasure

17. Will Smith- Forgive Yourself

18. Steve Harvey- People’s Opinions of You is None of Your Business

19. Steve Harvey- Money Does Not Buy Happiness

20. Steve Harvey – No Negative Thoughts

21. T. D. Jakes- Commit to Your Dream

22. T. D. Jakes- Don’t Quit

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