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Black music has influenced advertisers’ campaigns for decades. Understanding the value that these artists have in connection to pop culture and what their core audience is consuming, companies find it in their best interest to have these figures be ambassadors for their brands.

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According to, this heightened attention to increase racial equity in TV advertisements came after the murder of George Floyd, leading to a noticeable change in where potential consumers spend their hard earned money. The Black Lives Matter movement has become more pronounced than ever before, hence the world has been brought to the consciousness of the power and abilities of Black music, Black culture, and it’s synonymy with pop culture.

What company uses the most Black music artists in their commercials?

The most notable company to include black music in their commercials is Sprite. Collaborating with over 20 notable black artists for their commercials, Sprite has been known to attract the Black community with their catchy commercials and celebrity cameos.

Some of the organizations that like to include black music in there commercials consist of: McDonald’s, Coke-Cola, and Frito-Lay. Whether utilizing an already popular hit by the artist, or creating brand-specific lyrics for a more parody-like approach, the artist is tasked with making whatever the brand is selling believable.

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Coca-Cola Pay It Forward Academy Keynote Session And Scholarship Program

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In honor of Black Music Month (June), our team at RNB Philly has put together a list of the Top 20 commercials that incorporated Black music or Black music artists.

Check out the Top 20 Black Music Commercials below!


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1. Party Rock x Kia – Kia Soul Commercial

2. Jadakiss x Reebok – Answer V Commercial


4. Beyoncé x Pepsi – Pepsi Max Commercial

5. Usher x Twix – Twix Worlds Commercial

6. Chris Brown x Wrigley’s – Doublemint Gum Commercial

7. Black Eyed Peas x Best Buy Commercial

8. Jadakiss & Allen Iverson x Reebok – A6 Commercial

9. Lil Yachty x Sprite – “Cold Like A Sprite Soda” Commercial

10. Tyrese x Coca-Cola – “Always Cool, Always Coca-Cola” Commercial

11. Mark Morrison x Fritos – “Unbox the Icons” Commercial

12. Mary J Blige x Burger King – Crispy Chicken Commercial

13. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg x St. Ides – 40 oz. Premium Malt Liqour Commercial

14. Brandy x CoverGirl – Outlast Commercial

15. Angie Martinez, Amil, Mia x Sprite – “Obey Your Thirst” Commercial

16. Fat Joe, Common & More x Sprite – “Obey Your Thirst” Commercial

17. 50 Cent & Jay-Z x Reebok – Signature Shoe Commercial

18. Smokey Robinson & B2K x Dr. Pepper – “Be You” Commercial

19. Ludacris x Jif® Peanut Butter – Jif Studio Commercial

20. Drake x Sprite – The Spark Commercial

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